What is a Nocoiner?

“what makes a nocoiner a nocoiner is not simply the absence of cryptocurrency from his investment portfolio, but his sanctimonious attitude about it”

According to Urban Dictionary, is someone who has no bitcoin. But not everyone who has no bitcoin is necessarily a nocoiner. the description goes on to describe: “….people who missed their opportunity to buy Bitcoin at a low price … and who [are] now bitter at having missed out. The nocoiner takes out his or her bitterness on Bitcoin Hodlers, by constantly claiming that Bitcoin will crash, is a scam, is a bubble, or other types of easily refuted fud.”


Another way to define a nocoiner is simply someone, who with little (often zero) knowledge of the simply mind blowingly complex underlaying technology that underpins the bitcoin protocol, declare it “magical internet money” & “money for geeks” or worse, “money for drug dealers & terrorists” without a second thought & seem to believe that the millions of bitcoin users worldwide are in some form of collective delusion.

Whether bitter at having not bought bitcoin in the early days if they knew about it, or simply not understanding the system or having any faith in it blockchain technology to their lack of “crypto-education”, (I believe the vast majority of the population fall into the 2nd category)

I wouldnt call them nocoiners!






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